The Hama-rikyu Gardens are one of the most famous gardens in Tokyo, a quiet oasis surrounded by tower buildings. After enjoying beautiful landscaped garden, visit to the Kazurabashi Bridge of Iya in Tokushima prefecture, suspension bridge over a gorge used to for dairy services. The scenery of majestic nature you will see while you across this bridge is simply magnificent. This journey will allow you to thoroughly enjoy the pleasures of scenery beauty.

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Los Angeles International Airport

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Haneda Airportmore

The airport serves as an air gateway for Tokyo. The passenger terminal is filled with various commercial facilities, and visitors can command a panoramic view of Tokyo Bay from the rooftop observation deck, so that every one, even those who are not flying, can enjoy the terminal.

Tokyo Metropolitan Area



Hama-rikyu Gardensmore


Featuring a tidal pond with water drawn from Tokyo Bay and a wild duck preserve, Hama-rikyu Gardens is the garden of the Tokugawa Shogunate family, and functioned as the branch castle of the Edo Castle during the Edo era. It's said that the garden's current form was completed during the reign of the 11th-generation Shogun, Ienari. After the Meiji Restoration, it became the detached palace of the imperial family, and was renamed Hama-rikyu.

Take the water bus

Water Bus
(Tokyo Cruise Ship)

Enjoy a roughly 60-minute cruise along the Sumida River, taking in the sights and sounds. Listen to the audio along the way to learn and see how Tokyo's harbor has been transformed over the years.

About 5 minutes on foot after getting off the water bus at Asakusa / Asakusa Station

Toei Asakusa Line
Asakusa → Oshiage
About 4 minutes / 180 yen


TOKYO SKYTREE was listed in the Guinness World Records™ as the tallest tower in the world, standing at a height of 634 m. The Tembo Deck, at an elevation of 350 m, offers 360-degree panoramic views of the Kanto area, and even distant views of Mt. Fuji on a clear day. Tembo Galleria, a further 100 m up at an elevation of 450 m, offers even more expansive 360-degree panoramic views of the Kanto area. Moreover, the tower is lit up beautifully at night, alternating every day between "Iki," a soft blue light, and "Miyabi," a royal purple light. Special lights are also implemented for every season of the year. At the foot of the tower is Tokyo Solamachi®, a commercial facility packed with a wide selection of over 300 shops and restaurants, as well as a planetarium and an aquarium, offering a full day of enjoyment for visitors. The tower is a landmark that Tokyo boasts to the world.

About 4 minutes

Richmond Hotel Premier Tokyo Oshiage



Haneda Airport

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Tokushima Awaodori Airportmore

Tokushima Awaodori Airport is located about 20 minutes by car from central Tokushima City, and 11 return flights are operated daily between Tokushima and Haneda, and one return flight between Tokushima and Fukuoka. With Haneda Airport becoming an international airport, flying overseas from Tokushima via Haneda has become easy.

Limousine bus
Tokushima Awaodori Airport → JR Tokushima Station
about 30 minutes / 440 yen

JR Tokushima Station → JR Oboke Station
Super express fare, about 110 minutes / 3,800 yen

Oboke and Koboke Gorges (Oboke Gorges excursion boat)more

“Oboke and Koboke” are the gorges running about eight kilometers, created by the torrents of the Yoshino River traversing the Shikoku mountainous land over 200 million years, and boast of the spectacular scenery as if marble sculpture is rising high.
Aboard the “Oboke Gorges excursion boat,” passengers get to see the beauty of the gorges up close, and enjoy the marvelous landscape spreading before their eyes while listening to the guidance by veteran boatmen.

Bus stop Oboke Eki Mae → Bus stop Kazurabashi
About 35 minutes / 660 yen

Iya no Kazurabashimore


“Iya no Kazurabashi,” known as one of Japan’s three largest strange bridges, is made by putting together five tons of vines, replaced every three years. The bridge is full of thrills, creaking and shaking with every step you take (the bridge, which is 45 meters long, two meters wide and 14 meters above the water, is designated as an important tangible folk cultural property by the state).

Bus Stop Kazurabashi → Bus Stop Oboke Eki Mae
About 35 minutes, 660 yen
Use the free hotel courtesy bus from Oboke Station

Hotel Mannaka


Hotel Mannaka

JR Oboke Station → JR Tokushima Station
Super express fare, about 110 minutes / 3,800 yen

Bus stop Tokushima Station → Bus stop Naruto Koen
About 80 minutes / 710 yen

Naruto Uzushio Whirlpools (Uzu-no-Michi)more

“Uzu no Michi” is an enclosed walkway built within the bridge girder (below the roadway) of the Onaruto Bridge over the Naruto Strait.
At the end of the 450-meter-long walkway is the circuit-style observatory that makes use of the space of the girders of the Onaruto Bridge.
When you peer through the glass floor 45 meters above the waters, you can really sense the whirlpools and the roaring tidal currents.

Bus stop Naruto Koen → Bus stop Tokushima Station
About 80 minutes / 710 yen

Awa Odori Kaikanmore

The facility where visitors can enjoy “Awa Odori,” one of the best-known dance festivals in Japan with a history of 400 years, throughout the year. You can view the Awa Odori performance and also dance together.
At the Awa Odori Museum in the same building, you can enjoy and learn the history of Awa Odori.

10 minutes by foot to the accommodation facility

Tokushima Station Area


Tokushima Station Area

Limousine bus
JR Tokushima Station → Tokushima Awaodori Airport
about 30 minutes, 440 yen

Tokushima Awaodori Airport

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Haneda Airport

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