After having a taste of refined Japanese cuisine at a quiet garden in the center of a metropolis, take a trip to the Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark surrounded by vast nature. This journey will allow you to thoroughly enjoy the pleasures of both manmade and natural beauty.

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Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport

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Haneda Airportmore

The airport serves as an air gateway for Tokyo. The passenger terminal is filled with various commercial facilities, and visitors can command a panoramic view of Tokyo Bay from the rooftop observation deck, so that every one, even those who are not flying, can enjoy the terminal.

Tokyo Metropolitan Area



Happo-en: Enjumore


Enju is found inside the wedding venue, Happo-en, overlooking an expansive Japanese garden. To allow enjoyment of the changing of the four seasons through foods in season and views of the garden, diners are served original multi-course Kaiseki meals featuring different bowls of seasonal foods for every month of the year that are also a feast for the eyes. Moreover, diners can savor chef-recommended Kaiseki dishes prepared in ways that take full advantage of seasonal delicacies at the height of their deliciousness.

Tokyo Metro Namboku Line
Shirokanedai Station → Tameike-sanno Station
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
Tameike-sanno Station → Asakusa Station
About 30 minutes / 240 yen

Tobu Railway
Asakusa Station → TOKYO SKYTREE
About 3 minutes / 150 yen


TOKYO SKYTREE was listed in the Guinness World Records™ as the tallest tower in the world, standing at a height of 634 m. The Tembo Deck, at an elevation of 350 m, offers 360-degree panoramic views of the Kanto area, and even distant views of Mt. Fuji on a clear day. Tembo Galleria, a further 100 m up at an elevation of 450 m, offers even more expansive 360-degree panoramic views of the Kanto area. Moreover, the tower is lit up beautifully at night, alternating every day between "Iki," a soft blue light, and "Miyabi," a royal purple light. Special lights are also implemented for every season of the year. At the foot of the tower is Tokyo Solamachi®, a commercial facility packed with a wide selection of over 300 shops and restaurants, as well as a planetarium and an aquarium, offering a full day of enjoyment for visitors. The tower is a landmark that Tokyo boasts to the world.

Tobu Railway
TOKYO SKYTREE → Asakusa Station
About 3 minutes / 150 yen

Sumida River Cruising (Hotaluna)more

Hotaluna has a metallic silver, streamlined body, made in the image of a spacecraft, with gullwing doors and a promenade deck on the roof, allowing people to enjoy the view from outside the boat. Moreover, the glass windows at the back of the boat emit a pale light, lighting up Sumida River like a firefly through the night from dusk.

Asakusa → Odaiba
About 60 minutes / 1,560 yen

New Transit Yurikamome
Daiba Station → Shimbashi Station
About 15 minutes / 320 yen


Hotel Villa Fontaine Tokyo-Shiodome



07:10 Haneda Airport

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8:35 Izumo Enmusubi Airportmore

As the gateway to Shimane Prefecture, Izumo Enmusubi Airport (Izumo Airport) is located close to tourist spots, such as Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine and Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine (World Heritage), making it a highly convenient airport for tourists. Rent-a-cars are also available at the airport.

Izumo Enmusubi Airport → Oki Islands Global Geopark Airport
About 30 minutes / Standard fare: 13,800 yen

Oki Islands Global Geopark Airportmore

The Oki Islands are divided into Dozen and Dogo. Dozen consists of the three islands of Chiburijima (Chibu-mura), Nakanoshima (Ama-cho), and Nishinoshima (Nishinoshima-cho), while Dogo consists of the one island of Dogo (Okinoshima-cho).
The Oki Islands Global Geopark Airport is on Dogo (Okinoshima-cho), and regular return flights fly to the island once a day, every day, directly from Izumo Airport in Shimane and Osaka International Airport.

Rent-a-cars and tourist taxis are convenient for traveling on the islands.
Tourist taxis are available on each island offering recommended routes,
as well as custom routes according to the requests of visitors.
The cost is about 6,500 yen per hour.

Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geoparkmore

The Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark consists of four inhabited islands and a collection of around 180 uninhabited islands. The geopark offers visitors easy access to experiences that cultivate understanding of the connections between the geology of the land that has existed for hundreds of millions of years, the unique ecosystems of that land, and the lifestyles and traditions of the people who have lived and continue to live there.
The Oki Islands developed through a series of stages, from being a part of the Eurasian Continent, to sinking to the bottom of a lake on the continent, then being joined to Shimane Peninsula, before becoming separated from the mainland around 10,000 years ago to form islands. This gave birth to its unique ecosystem and culture. The islands are not only blessed with the delicacies of the sea, but the Kuniga Coast, Sekiheki (Red Cliff), Rosoku-jima (Candle Island) and other geological features bear testimony to the dynamic, grand geohistory of the islands, which is simply breathtaking !
Things that would never be found anywhere else are run-of-the mill on the islands. These include plants found in Hokkaido coexisting with those found in Okinawa, or alpine plants blossoming on the coastline. The islands are full of charms that make visitors want to keep coming back the more they find out about them, such as the Dangyo-no-taki Waterfalls, the Chichi sugi Japanese cedar, and other natural wonders, as well as the culture of the islands, including Ushi-tsuki (Bull Sumo) and the Fukuura Tunnels.

Tourist taxis are available on each island offering recommended routes,
as well as custom routes according to the requests of visitors.

Japanese inns and guesthouses on the islandsmore

There are few large hotels on the islands. Instead, there are Japanese inns and guesthouses where visitors can experience the local cuisines, daily life and the warmth of people on the islands. It is needless to say that the delicacies of the surrounding ocean are delicious. Come and enjoy the local cuisine unique to the Oki Islands. Many of the places to stay are small-scale operations, so it is recommended that bookings are made early.
Tajimaya, an inn in Ama-cho , strives for perfection, not only in serving fresh fish, vegetables and rice, but also by making its own eggs, natto, and even miso in an effort to achieve self-sufficiency. At dinnertime, the proprietress entertains guests with traditional, local folk songs and dances enveloping everyone in a warm atmosphere.
Strolling around the neighborhood will reveal that despite being close to the sea, there are rice paddies nearby, backyard vegetable gardens and free-range chickens. Visitors can witness the self-sufficient lifestyle embodied in Tajimaya throughout the neighborhood.

10min by car from Hishiura Port.
Pick-ups are available on request.

Japanese inn, Tajimaya


Japanese inn, Tajimaya

Inter-island ferry
Hishiura Port (Ama-cho) → Beppu Port (Nishinoshima-cho)
About 7 minutes

Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark (Kuniga Coast )more


The Kuniga Coast is one of the most famous scenic spots on the Oki Islands. Bluffs, cliffs and caves stretch for 7km from east to west, inspiring awe in all those who lay eyes on the majestic scenery.
The Matengai Cliff is particularly awesome. The huge cliff, with the appearance of having been cut perpendicularly with a huge knife, boasts a height of 257m, making it the highest sea cliff in Japan. Peering down on the ocean from the top makes one feel the expansiveness of the scenery, and it is enough to make one cower in fear.Tsutenkyo Arch, the arch-shaped rock bridge, is a huge chunk of rock jutting out into the ocean that has had its middle portion eroded by the sea, offering visitors a peek into the wonders of natural sculptures.
A cavern known as Akekure-no-iwaya Sea Cavern is a sea tunnel that stretches for 200m, and it is said to be the biggest of its kind in the Orient. The cavern may be entered by sightseeing boat. Other well-known spots include a variety of scenic places, including Tenjo-kai, Ryugu-jo, Otohime Goten, and Kannon-iwa Rock allowing visitors to appreciate the natural beauty of the area.
Moreover, the footpath from Matengai Cliff to Kuniga-hama has been chosen as one of the 100 most beautiful paths in Japan, and it is a place you definitely want to put on your bucket list. Visitors are invited to come and feel the magnificence and power of the nature in Oki.

Beppu Port (Nishinoshima-cho) → Shichirui Port (Matsue City)
About 2.5 hours / 2,920 yen (2nd class seats) ~
or Fast speed ferry
About 1 hour / 5,760 yen

Connecting bus
Shichirui Port → Matsue Station
40 minutes / 1,000 yen

Lakeline Bus
JR Matsue Station → Ote-mae (the closest bus stop to Matsue Castle)
10 minutes / 200 yen

Matsue Castlemore

Matsue Castle, built 400 years ago, is one of only five castles in Japan with a castle tower that has been designated a national treasure. The castle tower offers 360-degree panoramic views of the city of Matsue.
A footpath has been built around the castle, allowing visitors to enjoy seasonal flowers, including rhododendrons and camellias. Around the time the cherry trees blossom, the Oshiro Matsuri (Castle Festival) is held, attracting crowds of people who come to see the flowers.
The Horikawa Sightseeing Boat that takes people on leisurely cruises around the 3.7km moat surrounding Matsue Castle offers views of the castle tower, as well as a Samurai Residence in the traditional Japanese scape of Shiomi Nawate Street and other charming, historical spots.

Lakeline Bus
Ote-mae → JR Matsue Station
10 minutes / 200 yen

Shuttle Bus
JR Matsue Station → Izumo Enmusubi Airport
About 30 minutes / 1030 yen

Izumo Enmusubi Airport

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Haneda Airport

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