Asakusa is one of the best sightseeing areas in Tokyo. After experiencing Tokyo's traditional cultures, take a trip to the Dogo Onsen, the Japanese oldest hot spring resort and stroll around area.The atmosphere created you to feel as if take you back to the Japanese good old days and refresh your mind and body through traditions of old Japan are still alive in their lifestyle.

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Asakusa is known for its landmarks that include the red lantern of Kaminari-mon and Sensoji Temple. The Sumida and Oshiage area, home to the Tokyo Sky Tree, is found on the opposite shore of the Sumida River.

About 10 minutes

Kappabashi Kitchenware Townmore

Kappabashi Kitchenware Town is a shopping street with over 100 years of history located in downtown Tokyo between Asakusa and Ueno. The street stretches 800m from north to south and has over 170 specialist shops selling Japanese, Western, and Chinese cookware and lacquerware, Japanese and Western sweets and bread makers, kitchen equipment and tools, food ingredients and packaging, and more.
Professional use products for purchase by general consumers. Japanese knives and food samples are popular with foreign customers.

Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
Tawaramachi → Akasaka-mitsuke
About 22 minutes

Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line
Akasaka-mitsuke → Shinjuku-sanchome
About 8 minutes
About 1 minute on foot after getting off

Depachika (Isetan Shinjuku Store)more

Located near the Shinjuku Sanchome subway station is the Shinjuku branch of Isetan department stores, whose aim is to be the "world's best fashion museum". This "fashion" can also be felt on the food floor.
This floor features a lineup of food from in and outside Japan, such as well-reputed delicatessen items made with fish, meat, and vegetables, exquisite sweets, and ingredients that would make foodies sing praises. The variety of food on this floor is garnering a lot of attention.
With visually beautiful Japanese sweets that change with the seasons, a sake-tasting corner, and a delicatessen serving Japanese food that should definitely be tried when visiting Japan, Japanese culture can be experienced on the food floor.

Shinjuku Station → Tokyo Station
13 minutes / 200 yen

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo



Haneda Airport

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Matsuyama Airportmore

Matsuyama Airport is the port of entry for air travelers to Ehime Prefecture and is Shikoku's largest airport, bustling with activity everyday.
Along with food and drink shops, there is a shopping zone selling various souvenirs such as Matsuyama Airport limited goods, as well as a lounge where visitors can enjoy locally-brewed Ehime sake at a reasonable price.
In addition, there is an interpreter service that provides instant service via tablet devices, a multi-lingual information board, and even a free Wi-Fi spot, to help foreign visitors travel with peace of mind.
Furthermore, on the 3rd Sunday of every month, an event is held where Ehime Prefecture's symbolic product, mikan juice, pours out from a faucet, with free samples given out. Even in Japan, the sight of mikan juice pouring out from a faucet can only be seen here, so be sure to stop by when this event is held.

Iyo Railway Limousine Bus
Matsuyama Station → Dogo Onsen Station
30 minutes / 160 yen

Dogo Onsen Areamore


Dogo Onsen is the oldest hot spring in Japan with a history of 3,000 years. In the Dogo Onsen area centering on Dogo Onsen Honkan, the main building, which obtained three stars in the Michelin Green Guide Japan, there is an arcaded commercial avenue lined with a wide variety of shops and free footbaths, providing entertainment for tourists. With the annual holding of art events with different themes and the opening in September 2017 of "Asuka-no-Yu," a one-of-a-kind spa facility that combines the traditional craft of Ehime Prefecture with cutting-edge art, Dogo Onsen is the spa resort area enjoyable for first-time visitors as well as repeaters.

Three minutes by foot from Dogo Onsen Honkan




Iyo Railway
Tram Dogo Onsen Station → JR Matsuyama station
30 minutes / 160 yen

JR Matuyama Station → JR Iyo-Ozu Station
one hour / 1,470 yen

Loop-line bus "Gururin"
Roadside Station Asamoya → JR Iyo-Ozu Station Mae
15 minutes / 100 yen


Garyu Sanso is the mountain villa built about 100 years ago by a wealthy merchant at the time, and is designated as an important cultural property by the state for its architectural beauty. With the sumptuous designs decorating even the smallest parts of the building, its beauty prompted Japan’s leading architect Kisho Kurokawa to say, “I want to take possession of it even if I were to go into debt.” With the refreshing air enveloping the premises, when you sit down on the wooden-floored “engawa” veranda, you would be enfolded by a sense of genial relief.

Loop-line bus "Gururin"
Roadside Station Asamoya → JR Iyo-Ozu Station Mae
15 minutes / 100 yen

Iyonada Monogatarimore

The sightseeing train that makes two round trips a day between Matsuyama and Iyo-Ozu/Yawatahama. Sitting on roomy seats in the train with the “retro-modern” interior creating a tranquil atmosphere, passengers can enjoy attractive scenery from the train window during all four seasons, as well as meals rich with fresh local viand. The hospitality of exclusive attendants and genuine welcome by people along the line warm the hearts of passengers.

Iyo Railway Tram
JR Matsuyama Station → Dogo Onsen Station
10 minutes / 160 yen




Iyo Railway Tram
Dogo Onsen Station → Okaido Station
10 minutes / 160 yen

Iyo Railway route bus
Okaido → Kuyodo
40 minutes / 510 yen

Tobe Togeikanmore

"Tobeyaki" is the pottery characterized by a deep blue pictorial device on rather thickly white porcelain, and its beautiful designs are rated highly at home and overseas. At Tobeyaki Togeikan, visitors can purchase the ceramic ware, and experience the shaping of pottery on the wheel and painting. It is the facility where visitors can enjoy seeing, buying and making the pottery. Tobeyaki Togeikan also puts on display a wide range of other traditional craftwork of Ehime Prefecture, in addition to Tobeyaki.

Iyo Railway route bus
Kuyodo → Okaido
40 minutes / 510 yen

Iyo Railway Airport Limousine Bus
Okaido → Matsuyama Airport

Matsuyama Airport

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Haneda Airport

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