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Ebisuya Rickshaw

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The Ebisuya Rickshaw is currently one of Japan's most popular activities.

The rickshaw driver is dressed in a cool ninja style, and the excellent riding comfort and the nimble and unique guide will add another layer of excitement to your trip.

In addition to guiding you to the major tourist spots, your driver will take you to small, out-of-the-way places hidden among the small back streets that are characteristic of Asakusa and unreachable by buses or taxis. See the Geisha Town, Tokyo's oldest Buddhist temple, and get food info only known by locals that you can't find in any guidebook.

On the way, the driver will take the perfect photos of you in their favorite spots with their favorite photo compositions! These are sure to make excellent mementos for any trip. If you're wondering, "Where should we go besides Senso-ji Temple?", leave it to us.

We will expertly introduce spots where you can walk and have fun. You're certain to have a fulfilling tour of Asakusa even after getting off the rickshaw.

For a thorough taste of Tokyo's Asakusa, leave everything up to the Ebisuya Rickshaw!

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More Information about Ebisuya Rickshaw

Street address

2-3-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo



  • Main boarding area: in front of "Kaminarimon"
    1 minutes by foot from Asakusa Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line


  • 2 minutes by foot from Asakusa Station on the Toei Asakusa Line

Opening Hours

9:30 until sunset (varies by season)


*Contact required


Best season

All year


〇Website (links to each language on right)
〇Reservations less than 3 days in advance should be made by phone (Asakusa branch: 03-3847-4443)

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