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Tokushima is famous as the birthplace of the Awa Odori, one of Japan's Three Great Bon Odori dance festivals.
Awa Odori festivals are held across the prefecture, starting with the Naruto Awa Odori held on August 9 every year.
Among them is the Tokushima Awa Odori festival held for four days from August 12, and is said to be the most exciting of the festivals.
For sightseeing, there are the Naruto whirlpools in the Naruto Strait, said to be one of the three major tidal currents of the world, and the beautiful Oboke and Koboke gorges made over the course of 200 million years, experienced from the Yoshino River.
Food-wise, Tokushima offers a variety of meat and fish dishes that include the sweet and rich awa odori chicken, Tokushima ramen, with its pork bone broth ramen topped with pork belly and an raw egg, and the fresh seafood cooked on a grill just as it is in kaizoku cuisine.

Getting from Tokyo to TOKUSHIMA

Route 1

  • Haneda airport → Tokushima Awaodori airport : 1 hour and 10 minutes.

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    After seeing what it’s like to be a ninja in Tokyo, get up close and feel the passion of Odoriko dancers at Tokushima Prefecture’s Awaodori, one of the representatives of Japan’s traditional performing arts. During this trip, you will encounter experiences unlike anywhere else and form some of the best memories of your life.
    The Hama-rikyu Gardens are one of the most famous gardens in Tokyo, a quiet oasis surrounded by tower buildings. After enjoying beautiful landscaped garden, visit to the Kazurabashi Bridge of Iya in Tokushima prefecture, suspension bridge over a gorge used to for dairy services. The scenery of majestic nature you will see while you across this bridge is simply magnificent. This journey will allow you to thoroughly enjoy the pleasures of scenery beauty.

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