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A dish that represents the Shitamachi area of Tokyo would have to be monja-yaki! Monja-yaki was originally served by small-time candy stores and street stalls in Asakusa-Shitamachi. As the name suggests, it was apparently made originally by roasting the dough in the shape of characters. This evolved to become the modern-day monja-yaki. It was originally eaten at small-time candy stores as a snack by children. Today, Tsukishima Monja Street is the best place to visit for those who want to try monja-yaki in Tokyo. They are available in a wide range of varieties. First-time diners need not worry, because the waiters can roast the monja-yaki for you, and show you how to eat it. Come and enjoy a lighthearted meal and the taste of Tokyo Shitamachi that has remained unchanged since the old days.

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Street address

1-8-1 Tsukishima, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


  • Direct access from the No. 7 Exit of Tsukishima Station on the Toei Subway Oedo Line

Opening Hours

Depends on the restaurant


Depends on the restaurant


Best season

All year


The Tsukishima Nishinaka-dori Shopping Street is recommended for people who want to take a look at the different restaurants before deciding where to eat monja-yaki. There are around 75 monja restaurants around this Shopping Street.

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