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Kojima Jeans Street

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A spot popular for its abundance of shops offering unique, domestically-made jeans

Kojima, the birthplace of domestic jeans production, with its high level of technology, is renowned as a holy ground for Japanese denim. It's said that the biggest feature of Kojima jeans is the texture. Tourists from all around Japan and overseas visit Kojima searching for a unique pair of denim just right for them. The roughly 400m long street is lined with Kojima-made jeans brands, with numerous general stores and cafes in the surrounding area.

More Information about Kojima Jeans Street

Street address

Kojima Ajino, Kurashiki City, Okayama



  • 15 minutes by foot from Kojima Station (JR Seto-Ohashi Line)


  • Take a bus from Kojima Station on the JR Seto-Ohashi Line (Shimoden "Tokohai-go," "Fureai-go," Jeans Bus, etc.) for 5 min. and get off at "Kojima Bunka Center Mae." Then a 1 min. walk.

Opening Hours

Varies by establishment


Varies by establishment



Best season

All year


You can also experience various hands-on workshops, such as jeans processing, indigo dying, and original jeans making.
Kojima City of Jeans one-day bus pass is also available to interested visitors.

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