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Bitchu Matsuyama Castle

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Bitchu Matsuyama Castle_1 Bitchu Matsuyama Castle_2 Bitchu Matsuyama Castle_3 Bitchu Matsuyama Castle_4

Truly a castle in the sky, floating in a sea of clouds
The fact the castle remains standing despite being on a mountain is what earned its designation as an important cultural asset. It is famous for being the only mountain castle remaining in Japan. Along the approach to the castle is a huge rock wall more than 10 meters tall, illustrating how impregnable the castle was. In addition, many fans visit from the early morning to see the "Castle in the Sky" for its fantastic appearance as if it were floating in a sea of clouds.

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More Information about Bitchu Matsuyama Castle

Street address

1 Uchisange, Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture



  • Bitchu Matsuyama-jo Kanko Shared Taxi from JR Bitchu-Takahashi Station to the
    8th station (hachi-go me) of Fuigo Toge. There are 4 taxis a day. Make reservations by 17:00 the day before visiting. It is around 20 minutes by foot to the keep from Fuigo Toge.


  • Around 90 minutes by foot from the train station

Opening Hours

[April to September] 9:00–17:30 (last entry to the castle at 17:00)
[October to March] 9:00–16:30 (last entry to the castle at 16:00)


December 29-January 3



Best season

May, Jun., Jul., Aug., Sep., Oct., Nov.


Go to the Bitchu Matsuyama Castle observatory for the Sea of Clouds Tour. The Sea of Clouds has a high probability of being seen in the early mornings from late October to early December. The sunrise is best viewed before 8:00. Come to meet the popular PR ambassador, "Sanjuro the Cat Lord!"

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