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Kasaoka Islands

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Feel the breeze and blessings of the Seto Inland Sea while relaxing and walking on the islands.
Known as the "Stone Islands of Setouchi," the Kasaoka Islands have been recognized as a Japan Heritage site by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. The islands, which do not permit the building of a single bridge and maintain the "remote island" scenery, are filled with a nostalgic and relaxing atmosphere. These remote islands are unbelievably photogenic, offering a treasure trove of photo spots. There are seven inhabited islands, each boasting a different sea and island scenery. It is recommended to travel around the islands while staying in a guest house or inn.

More Information about Kasaoka Islands

Street address

Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture



  • Regular passenger vessels: Around 5 minutes by foot from JR Kasaoka Station, then sail from Kasaoka Port-Sumiyoshi Boarding Dock to each island (25 minutes to Taka-shima Island, 35 minutes to Shiraishi Island, 55 minutes to Kitagi Island, 70 minutes to Manabe Island, 40 minutes to Hi-shima Island, and 70 minutes to Mu-shima Island)


  • Ferry: Around 12 minutes by foot from JR Kasaoka Station to Fushigoe Port, then 45 minutes to Shiraishi Island, or 50 minutes to Kitagi Island.

Opening Hours



Best season

All year


・Taka-shima Island: The scenery from the walking trails and the observation platform are stunning. During the right season, you can see the azaleas blooming. Trawler boats and fishermen experiences, such as setting nets and eating fresh fish caught by the fishermen, are popular activities amongst visitors.
・Shiraishi Island: This picturesque location has been designated by the government as a place of scenic beauty. You can experience marine sports, hiking, and if you visit during the right season, you can take part in events such as O-bon festival dancing.
・Manabe Island: Savor the tranquil atmosphere of the fishing village. It is famous as a filming location and a historic landmark. You can enjoy seafood cuisine freshly caught and made by the fishermen.
・Kitagi Island: The granite mined on Kitagi-shima Island is called “Kitagi Stone.” It has a high quality and is very valuable. Even now, large scale quarries remain. You can view them from observation platforms and learn about the history behind them (reservation required).

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