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Ishite-ji Temple

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Located near Dogo Onsen, said to be Japan's oldest hot spring, the road approaching the temple is covered and lined with souvenir shops. Within the temple, tourists and local temple worshippers outnumber pilgrims on the sacred grounds. With a one-star rating from the Michelin Guide Japan, it is highly evaluated in Japan, as well as overseas.

In addition, the grand spectacle of the temple buildings, most of which are designated National Treasures or National Important Cultural Properties, and the permanent temple treasure exhibition in the treasure hall, make this the only sacred ground in Shikoku that can be considered a "cultural property temple".

In particular, the man-made cave in the rear of the temple, called the "underground mantra", is filled with countless Jizo statues thus creating an eerie atmosphere that invites visitors to another world.

More Information about Ishite-ji Temple

Street address

2-9-21 Ishite, Matsuyama City, Ehime


  • From JR Matsuyama Station, take the Iyotetsu bus on the No. 8 Line. (around 30 minutes)
    "JR Matsuyama Station" -> "Ishite-ji".

Opening Hours

Free entrance 24 hours a day


Open everyday


Best season

All year


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