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Imabari Castle

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Imabari Castle is a seaside castle with a unique structure, including five-tiered, six-story castle towers and a moat that draws in seawater. It has also been named as one of Japan's Three Great Sea Castles and one of the Top 100 Castles in Japan. At the time of its construction, Imabrai Castle was surrounded by a triple moat and boats could directly enter the moat from the sea, thereby taking full advantage of the nearby sea. This type of construction is typical of the surrounding Imabari City, a key location for maritime transportation. Castle construction techniques by the renowned castle builder Todo Takatora (1556 to 1630) can also be seen throughout. Imabrai Castle is currently illuminated according to a design by lighting designer Haruki Kaito, and the lights, which create a fantastic and beautiful view that is strikingly different from the daytime appearance, can be seen every day from 30 minutes after sunset until 22:00.

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Street address

3-1-3 Dorimachi, Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture


  • From Yosan Line Imabari Station, take the Setouchi Bus bound for "Imabari Eigyoujyo Yuki" for about 9 minutes and get off at "Imabarijo-mae"

Opening Hours



December 29 to December 31


Best season

Mar., Apr., Nov.


From the castle tower observation deck you can see the Seto Inland Sea and the Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge on Shimanami Kaido.

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