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Shimane is where timeless history and culture live.
It is home to Izumo Grand Shrine, famous for marriage, in Izumo, which flourished as a mythical country. After paying your respects, it is time to enjoy some Izumo soba.
Izumo soba, which began as an offering to worshipers at Izumo Grand Shrine, has a dark color, aroma, and chewy texture that is popular with tourists.
In addition to Izumo, there are also Matsue Castle, a designated National Treasure in the prefecture and the Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine, a registered World Heritage Site.
Shimane also has many scenic spots along the Sea of Japan.
Among them is the Kuniga Coast of Nishinoshima Island of the Oki Islands to the north of the Shimane Peninsula, that offer a spectacular landscape of cliffs and magnificent nature.
Staying on the Oki Islands at a guest house made from a kominka old Japanese-style house is recommended.

Getting from Tokyo to SHIMANE

Route 1

  • Haneda airport → Izumo enmusubi airport : 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Route 2

  • JR Tokyo station → JR Matsue station : Approximatelly 6 hours. From JR Tokyo Station, take the Tokaido/Sanyo shinkansen to Okayama, and transfer to the limited express.

Recommended routes

    Harajuku is a birthplace for many of Japanese fashion trends well known as 'Kawaii Culture' in Tokyo. Especially, the Takeshita-dori Street is gathered by young people from all over Japan and the world to look for latest 'Kawaii' trends. Leave from the spot of latest cultural trends, then head to a historical place, the Izumo-Taisha Grand Shrine where is believed that all of the myriad deities throughout the country gathering to this consecrated place in Shimane prefecture. Great trip to have enough traditional cultural experiences and to see what's like Japanese latest trends.
    After having a taste of refined Japanese cuisine at a quiet garden in the center of a metropolis, take a trip to the Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark surrounded by vast nature. This journey will allow you to thoroughly enjoy the pleasures of both manmade and natural beauty.

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