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Dogo-onsen Hot Spring

Dogo-onsen Hot Spring
Dogo-onsen Hot Spring
Dogo-onsen Hot Spring
Dogo-onsen Hot Spring
Dogo-onsen Hot Spring Dogo-onsen Hot Spring Dogo-onsen Hot Spring Dogo-onsen Hot Spring

Dogo Onsen is Japan's oldest hot spring with a history of approximately 3000 years. It is mentioned in Japan's oldest poetry collection, "Man'yoshu", and the famous work from the Heian period, "The Tale of Genji". More recently, it was mentioned in the famous work, "Botchan", by the literary master of the Meiji period, Natsume Soseki , and is now seeing many tourists visit from in and outside Japan. The symbol of Dogo Onsen, the Main Building, was built in 1894 as a public bathhouse. With its wooden structure and old-fashioned appearance, it was Japan's first designated National Important Cultural Property.
It's said that this building was the model for the Aburaya bath house (Kumano) in the Ghibli movie "Spirited Away".
At night, the area centered on the Dogo Onsen Main Building is filled with many guests roaming around wearing various colored-pattern yukata robes and carrying "bath baskets" filled with toiletries. There are many other ways to have fun, including foot baths and souvenir browsing.

Street address

5-6 Dogoyunomachi, Matsuyama City, Ehime



  • From JR Matsuyama Station, take the Iyotetsu Intra-city Streetcar on the No. 5 JR Matsuyama Station Line (around 25 minutes / 160 yen)
    "JR Matsuyama Station" -> "Dogo Onsen". Then a 5 min. walk.


  • From Matsuyama Airport, take a shuttle bus toward Dogo Onsen Station (around 40 minutes / 460 yen)
    "Matsuyama Airport" -> "Dogo Onsen Station". Then a 5 min. walk.

Opening Hours

*1st floor of Kami-no-Yu is open until 23:00


Open everyday
(except for cleaning at the end of the year)


Kami-no-Yu, 1st floor:
adults: 410 yen; children: 160 yen
Kami-no-Yu, 2nd floor seats:
adults: 840 yen; children: 420 yen
Tama-no-Yu, 2nd floor seats:
adults: 1,250 yen; children: 620 yen
Tama-no-Yu, 3rd floor private rooms:
adults: 1,550 yen; children: 770 yen



Best season

All year



Spots around

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