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Ini Tanada

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In July 1999, Ini Tanada was the only terraced paddy field from Hiroshima Prefecture to be selected as one of the “100 selections of Japanese terraced paddy fields” by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
The Ini Tanada rice planting events, held in Spring and Autumn, serve as opportunities to pass on traditional farming techniques, such as old-fashioned rice planting and drying out harvested rice, and were started with the goal of creating exchanges with metropolitan citizens.
In the American news channels "CNN" special news report on "Japan's 36 most beautiful places," both the world heritage site "Itsukushima Shrine" and "Ini Tanada" from Akiota-cho were selected from Hiroshima.
Why not immerse yourself in a Japanese farming scenery that has been recognized by the world.

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Street address

Ini, Nakatsutsuga, Akiota-cho, Yamagata-gun, Hiroshima


  • [By Car]
    Exit the Chugoku Express way at the Togouchi interchange, and drive for 4km on route 186 towards Yoshiwa. There are signs posted.

Opening Hours



Best season

All year


For safety reasons, please do not enter the rice paddy.

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